Caught Between Cultures

For discussion: Have you ever found yourself “caught” between opposing cultural values (my holiday vs. yours, from Maine vs. “from away”, cross-country skiers vs. snowmobiles, the “right” way to raise a child)? Immigrants may face these and more. What do immigrants find “alien” about America? What do immigrants value about America? How does America start feeling like home? How can you maintain the culture that you were born into and still become American?

Angel Child Dragon ChildSession 1: Confronting English

  • Home at Last by Susan Middleton Elya
  • Grandfather Counts by Andrea Cheng
  • In English, of Course by Josephine Nobisso

Session 2: Putting Down Roots

  • Angel Child, Dragon Child by Michele Maria Surat
  • Molly Bannaky by Alice McGill
  • When Jessie Came Across the Sea by Amy Hest

Session 3: Getting to Work

  • A Day’s Work by Eve Bunting
  • Coolies by Yin