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World in Your Library

What's happening in Maine and beyond?

A speaker series focused on current events, both local and international.

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It’s easier than ever to stay on top of the news; worldwide events are at our fingertips, in real time. But if you want to get a grip on the bigger picture, it can be harder than ever to find reliable coverage that explores both local and international issues in depth. Communities are increasingly turning to their libraries to gain this kind of information, perspective, and insight, and World in Your Library can help public libraries meet this growing demand.

Participating libraries will host a single event or a series of three hour-long presentations, providing their communities with a rare opportunity to explore these topics with experts. To ensure that the speakers and topics match the interests of the community, libraries will choose from a listing of topics from highly qualified, Maine-based speakers.


What librarians are saying about World in Your Library

  • “Since this was a different type of program from what we typically offer, it attracted some people who do not normally attend our programs (and some of the "regulars" too.” :)

    -Librarian Janet Wilson, Rangeley Public Library

  • “The audience hung on to every word. They stayed after the program to ask many questions.”

    -Librarian Candy Emlen, Southwest Harbor Public Library

  • “Many of the attendees were those who had attended previous Let's Talk programs at KFL, seeking (and receiving) a more mind-stretching program.”

    -Librarian Janet Cate, Kennebunk Free Library

  • "As a small public library...we have extremely limited funds to offer programs to our community but the interest/demand is high...The chance to expand our world knowledge is immensely valuable to small rural communities...Without the World In Your Library series, there is little access to this type of "big picture" information for Maine communities - especially when you consider proximity of qualified speakers and fiscal limitations of smaller towns."

    -Librarian Janet Patterson (Belgrade Public Library)

  • " 'Best program ever at library.' I heard this from many patrons. Publicity drew in many people we had never seen in the library…High school and college students as well."

    -Librarian Anna Romer (Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, Lovell)

  • “I think [the talks] were fabulous! I heard one member of the audience say, I never expected to hear a presenter of this high caliber at my local library. I hope we can sponsor similar programs another year."

    -Librarian Karen McCarthy Eger, South Berwick Public Library

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