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World in Your Library Speakers

Brent S. Anderson 

  • How the 14th Amendment Changed the Constitution
  • Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Bradley O. Babson

  • Challenges and Opportunities on the Korean Peninsula
  • Burma/Myanmar: Reform at Last
  • Challenges of the Mekong River

Libby Bischof

  • Thinking About the Bicentennial in 2020
  • History of Photography in Maine and Elsewhere
  • Visual History of Maine through Postcards
  • Raising Aspirations for Maine’s Middle and High School Students
  • Maine Novels (particularly by Ruth Moore or Sarah Orne Jewett)
  • World War I and WWI Monuments and Memorials in Maine

Steve Collins

  • Why Journalism Matters

Gray Cox

  • Threats to National Security Posed by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Nonviolent Alternatives in National Struggles and International Relations

Dan Dinsmore

  • Free Press and the Changing Landscape of Journalism in Maine

Charles Dorn

  • Public Education and the Common Good
  • The History of Childhood Education in the United States
  • The History of Higher Education in the United States

Scott Erb

  • The Syrian Crisis:  ISIS and Refugees
  • Still Allies? The U.S. and Europe
  • Oil, Islam, and the Arab Spring
  • The European Union: What is it and How Does It Work?
  • Children and War

Edward French

  • The Future of Local News
  • Democracy and an Informed Citizenry

Robert W. Glover

  • Globalization & Citizen Protest: A Brave New World, or Old Wine In New Bottles?
  • Immigration in the 21st Century: How Immigration is Changing the American and the Global Political Landscape

Laura Henry

  • U.S. Foreign Relations with Russia
  • Environmentalism in Russia

Eric Hooglund

  • Iran and the United States: Prospects for Rapprochement
  • Civil War in Syria: Domestic, Regional and International Repercussions
  • US Foreign Policy in the Middle East Since 2001
  • The Middle East in Down East: Waterville, 1900-1960

Michael Howard

  • Universal Basic Income (in US immigration policy)
  • Global Poverty and Cash Transfers
  • Environmental Justice and Climate Change

Michael Kamorski

  • Criminal Justice Discussions: Law Enforcement, Courts, Correctional System Challenges
  • 200 Days in Afghanistan: USAF Deployment in 2009/10 as an Inspector General
  • Counterterrorism/Counterinsurgency Discussions: A Strategic Look at the Terrorist Threat
  • Leadership: Personal and Organizational, Defined and Applied

Candace Kanes

  • Bias, Objectivity, and Newspaper History
  • From Slavery to Maine
  • Anti-Slavery, Women’s Rights, Race, and Gender
  • Early Leaders of Woman Suffrage in Maine
  • Woman Suffrage in Maine: A Brief History

Aaron Kingsbury

  • Vietnam Today
  • Rural America and Rural Japan

Joyce Kryszak

  • An Inconsistent Truth: Finding Truth’s Through-line

Henry Laurence

  • Regional Dynamics in East Asia: Conflict or Cooperation?
  • Japan’s Challenges
  • Public Broadcasting in the Digital Age

Jacquelyn Lowman

  • Journalists: Watch Dogs of Democracy or Enemies of the People

Chet Lunner

  • The Impact of Fake News
  • The First Amendment
  • Crisis Communications
  • Homeland Security in the U.S. and Maine

Jim Melcher

  • The Warren Court and the 14th Amendment
  • The Supreme Court and Marriage
  • The Electoral College and Maine

Judith Meyer

  • Where Did Facts and Fairness Go

John Michaud

  • Why the issues addressed in the 14th amendment were not covered in the Bill of Rights

Nick Mills

  • Fly-Fishing in Baghdad and Other Angling Adventures
  • Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria: Failed Interventions and the Rise of ISIS
  • The Vietnam War at 50/40: Lessons Not Learned
  • Journalism, Human Rights and Humanitarian Crises

Sherri Mitchell

  • Indigenous Rights
  • Environmental Justice
  • Nonviolence Movement Building
  • Ending Conquest Activism
  • Conquest and Colonization

Scott Monroe

  • Press On: Why Community Journalism is Needed as a Force for Good

Robert Morrison

  • Thinking About Islam
  • The Jews of the Islamic World
  • Islam And Science

Bill Nemitz

  • Democracy and the Informed Citizen

Susan Pinette

  • How Franco American Student Activism in the 1960s and 1970s was Inspired by the U.S. Civil Rights Movement
  • Franco American Communities in Maine and Changing Definitions of Citizenship in the U.S

David E. Putnam

  • Climate Clues from the Silk Road to Shangri-la: Foreign Devils, Ice, and Water in the Highest Mountains and Deepest Deserts of Asia
  • Ice, Water, and Fish at the Pole of Continental Inaccessibility: Field Research in Mongolia
  • Native People and Archaeology in the St. John River Watershed of Northern Maine

Patrick Rael

  • The Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • The 14th Amendment

Darren Ranco

  • Native American Rights
  • Native American Environmental Issues
  • Native Americans, the 14th Amendment, and voting in the State of Maine

Liam Riordan

  • The Five Most Important Things to Know About the American Revolution
  • The American Revolution & the Origins of Multiculturalism in the U.S.
  • Does the American Revolution Look Different from the Penobscot River?
  • What are the Humanities, and Why are They Essential for our Future?

Jamie Rooney

  • The 14th Amendment from the Perspective of Law Enforcement

Judith E. Rosenbaum

  • #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo: Social Media’s Contribution to Democracy

Flynn Ross

  • Equity and Excellence in Maine Schools
  • Diversifying the Teacher Work Force
  • Promoting public scholarship to enhance democracy
  • Fostering Global Awareness in Maine Schools

Leroy Rowe

  • Civil Rights Movement
  • African Americans and Supreme Court
  • Race and Mass Incarceration
  • Black Women and Girls
  • Race and Juvenile Delinquency

Dana Sawyer

  • Huston Smith, Interfaith Dialogue and Commonality Between the Worlds’ Religions
  • How Your Mind Works
  • An Introduction to Hinduism
  • An Introduction to Buddhism

Cliff Schechtman

  • How News is Reported in Maine

Sarah Schindler

  • History of Housing Discrimination in the U.S.

Seth Singleton

  • Trumps’s Foreign Policy
  • The US and the Middle East
  • Understanding Russia

James T. Spartz

  • The Role of Place in Environmental Communication
  • Media, Public Opinion, and Sustainability
  • Perceptions of Land Use Change

Lindsay Tice

  • Why Journalism Matters Today (and Everyday)

Daniel J. Tortora

  • Colonial Era
  • French and Indian war
  • Revolutionary War
  • Native American History

Kristen Vekasi

  • An End to Pacifism? Japanese Remilitarization and Outlooks for Global Stability
  • America’s Next Conflict? The Trump Administration and China’s Territorial Disputes

Hong Zhang

  • China’s One-Child policy
  • Globalization
  • Women’s Rights and Women’s Legal-Aid NGOs in China
  • Politics of Satire in Authoritarian China