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World in Your Library Speakers

Brent Anderson

Brent S. Anderson 

  • How the 14th Amendment Changed the Constitution
  • Europe’s Refugee Crisis




Bradley O. BabsonPodcast Brad Babson

  • Challenges and Opportunities on the Korean Peninsula
  • Burma/Myanmar: Reform at Last
  • Challenges of the Mekong River



Libby BischofLibby Bischof

  • Thinking About the Bicentennial in 2020
  • History of Photography in Maine and Elsewhere
  • Visual History of Maine through Postcards
  • Raising Aspirations for Maine’s Middle and High School Students
  • Maine-related novels (particularly by Ruth Moore or Sarah Orne Jewett)
  • World War I Centennial and WWI monuments and memorials in Maine



Gray CoxGray Cox

  • Threats to National Security Posed by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Nonviolent Alternatives in National Struggles and International Relations




Charles Dorn

  • Public education and the common good
  • The history of  childhood education in the United States
  • The history of higher education in the United States


Scott ErbScott Erb World In Your Library

  • The Syrian Crisis:  ISIS and Refugees
  • Still Allies? The U.S. and Europe
  • Oil, Islam, and the Arab Spring
  • The European Union–What is it, and how does it work?
  • Children and War


Robert W. GloverRobert Glover

  • Globalization & Citizen Protest: A Brave New World, or Old Wine In New Bottles?
  • Immigration in the 21st Century: How Immigration is Changing the American and the Global Political Landscape



Laura HenryLaura Henry

  • U.S. foreign relations with Russia
  • Environmentalism in Russia.




Eric HooglundEric Hooglund

  • Iran and the United States: Prospects for Rapprochement
  • Civil War in Syria: Domestic, regional and international repercussions
  • US Foreign Policy in the Middle East Since 2001
  • The Middle East in Down East: Waterville, 1900-1960



Michael HowardMichael Howard

  • Universal basic income (in US immigration policy)
  • Global poverty and cash transfers
  • Environmental justice and climate change
  • Carbon fee and dividends



Michael KamorskiMichael Kamorski

  • Criminal Justice Discussions: law enforcement, courts, correctional system challenges
  • 200 Days in Afghanistan: USAF deployment in 2009/10 as an inspector general
  • Counterterrorism / Counterinsurgency Discussions: strategic look at the terrorist threat
  • Leadership: personal and organizational, defined and applied



Henry LaurenceHenry Laurence

  • Regional Dynamics in East Asia: Conflict or Cooperation?
  • Japan’s Challenges
  • Public Broadcasting in the Digital Age



Chet Lunner

  • Privacy vs National Security
  • The impact of Fake News
  • The First Amendment
  • Crisis communications
    • Homeland Security in the U.S. and Maine


Jim MelcherJim Melcher

  • The Warren Court and the 14th Amendment

    • The Supreme Court and Marriage

    • The Electoral College and Maine



John MichaudJohn Michaud

  • Why the issues addressed in the 14th amendment were not covered in the Bill of Rights




Nick MillsNick Mills

    • Fly-Fishing in Baghdad and Other Angling Adventures
    • Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria: Failed Interventions and the Rise of ISIS
  • The Vietnam War at 50/40: Lessons Not Learned
  • Journalism, Human Rights and Humanitarian Crises



Sherri MitchellSherri Mitchell

  • Indigenous Rights
  • Environmental Justice
  • Nonviolence Movement Building
  • Ending Conquest Activism
  • Conquest and Colonization


Robert MorrisonRobert Morrison

  • Thinking About Islam
  • The Jews of the Islamic World
  • Islam And Science.



Susan PinetteSusan Pinette

  • How Franco American student activism in the 1960s and 1970s was inspired by the U.S. civil rights movement
  • The changing definitions of citizenship in the U.S. and how the resultant hardening of the border has profoundly impacted Franco American communities in Maine



David PutnamDavid E. Putnam

  • Climate Clues from the Silk Road to Shangri-la: Foreign Devils, Ice, and Water in the Highest Mountains and Deepest Deserts of Inner Asia
  • Ice, Water, and Fish at the Pole of Continental Inaccessibility: Field Research in Mongolia
  • Native People and Archaeology in the St. John River Watershed of Northern Maine



Patrick RaelPatrick Rael

  • The Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • The 14th Amendment



Darren RancoDarren Ranco

  • Native American rights
  • Native American environmental issues
  • Native Americans, the 14th Amendment, and voting in the State of Maine


Liam Riordan_Oct2007

Liam Riordan

    • The Five Most Important Things to Know About the American Revolution
  • The American Revolution & the Origins of Multiculturalism in the U.S.
    • Does the American Revolution Look Different from the Penobscot River?
  • What are the Humanities, and Why are They Essential for our Future?


Jamie RooneyJamie Rooney

  • The 14th Amendment from the Perspective of Law Enforcement





Flynn RossFlynn Ross

  • Equity and Excellence in Maine Schools (disproportional socioeconomicand racial representation of students in school advanced study and discipline)
  • Diversifying the teacher work force
    • Promoting public scholarship to enhance democracy
  • Fostering global awareness in schools by building on cultural and linguistic differences in our communities



Leroy RoweLeroy Rowe

  • Civil Rights Movement
  • African Americans and Supreme Court
  • Race and Mass Incarceration
  • Black Women and Girls
  • Race and Juvenile Delinquency



Dana SawyerDana Sawyer

  • Book talk on Huston Smith, interfaith dialogue and the points of commonality between the worlds’ religions
  • Understanding the way your mind works, and seeing why that can become the foundation of conflict, in your life and in the world
  • An Introduction to Hinduism
  • An Introduction to Buddhism



Sarah SchindlerSarah Schindler

  • History of housing discrimination in the US, including topics like racial zoning, racially restrictive covenants, and redlining—the practice whereby lenders refuse to extend credit to people who live in certain low-income communities.




Seth SingletonSeth Singleton

  • Trumps’s Foreign Policy
  • The US and the Middle East
  • Understanding Russia.



James SpartzJames T. Spartz

  • The role of place in environmental communication
  • Effects of media on public opinion around sustainability issues
  • Perceptions of land use change



Daniel J. TortoraDaniel Tortora

  • Colonial era
  • French and Indian war
  • Revolutionary War
  • Native American history



Kristen Vekasi

  • An End to Pacifism? Japanese Remilitarization and Outlooks for Global Stability
  • America’s Next Conflict? The Trump Administration and China’s Territorial Disputes



Hong ZhangHong Zhang

  • China’s One-Child policy
  • Globalization
  • Women’s rights and women’s legal-aid NGOs in China
  • Population aging
  • The politics of satire and humor in the age of Internet in authoritarian China