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Single-Session Think & Drinks

Get a taste of Think & Drink at single-session events across the state of Maine

We’re excited to spread Think & Drink beyond Portland and Bangor, with single-session programs to be offered in other locations around the state. Join us for a drink and some conversation!



This program will take place at Guthries on November 8. We’re doing things a little differently with Think & Drink in Lewiston. Our debut event will be a mix of storytelling, panel discussion, and small-group conversation, focused on our experiences with traffic stops. This is part of a larger theme—”Policing, Protection, Community, and Trust”—explored in Think & Drinks across the state in 2017.


Join us at Engine on November 16 to grapple with talking honestly about race in Biddeford.

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Join us at Orchids in Madawaska on June 27, 2017 to explore the question “What Is a Criminal,” as part of our 2017 Think & Drink theme “Policing, Protection, Community, and Trust.”

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Join us at Engine in downtown Biddeford on October 20, 2016 for “Unequal Citizens,” an examination of economic disparities in Biddeford, led by moderator Shay Stewart-Bouley.

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Join us at Rock City in downtown Rockland on December 8, 2016 to explore the varied identities and groups that make up the Rockland community,  led by moderator Anne Bardaglio.

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