Discussion Project Toolkit

For Sites

1. Forms to return

2. Branding/images/publicity support

  • Make an announcement that you have been awarded a Discussion Project with a branded web image image  (Use for Facebook, websites, an e-newsletter, and other digital uses) and Instagram image. Remember to tag us!
  • General Discussion Project images for events:Web Image (Use for Facebook Events, websites, an e-newsletter, and other digital uses) Instagram Image 
  • Program Description (For sharing in a press release or other publicity) 
    While themes, topics, and texts vary from one Discussion Project to the next, it’s important to provide a general description of what the Discussion Project is. This is helpful in communicating that your project is part of the larger cohort throughout Maine. 
    A program of the Maine Humanities Council, Discussion Projects offer comprehensive support to individuals and organizations all over Maine who want to convene members of their community for rich discussions, grounded in texts, of things that matter to them.  

    Whether the people in a group are linked by their work, their place, or their lived experience, Discussion Projects foster real communication and connection among participants through listening and being listened to. Every project’s discussions are grounded in the group’s shared experience of a compelling text or set of texts.

  • If you have any questions about branding or publicity, please contact Ian Watkins, our Communications Coordinator

4. Discussion Resources

5. Surveys