Charles Dorn

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Education, Bowdoin College

DornChuck’s research into the history of education investigates the civic functions adopted by and ascribed to centers of early childhood education, public elementary and secondary schools, and colleges and universities in the United States. His most book, For the Common Good: A History of American Higher Education in the United States, challenges the rhetoric of America’s so-called crisis in higher education by investigating two centuries of college and university history. His most recent book, Patriotic Education in a Global Age, is s a history of how schools have taught students to be patriotic. From the community college to the elite research university, Dorn engages a fundamental question confronted by higher education institutions ever since the nation’s founding: Do colleges and universities contribute to the common good?


  • Public Education and the Common Good

  • The History of Childhood Education in the United States

  • The History of Higher Education in the United States