James Ford


Community Support Coordinator, Lewiston Public Schools

I am a public school employee, a Black man of African Decent, who is tracing his lineage to the middle passage. I own land in Georgia on which my ancestors were slaves. As a former Restorative Practices Coordinator, I appreciate what building relationships with peers, students and families is critical in keeping students engaged in the current phase of education.
I plan to share my journey and allow participants to share so we can all listen.

Currently Family and Community Support Coordinator for Lewiston Public Schools. I am also working on a grant to build parent leadership training program in Lewiston. I am a member of Maine Education Associations People of Color group and their state committee to create an Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee to bring issues to the MEA that impact the Educators of Color and their students. I am charged with building a parent leadership training program in Lewiston.


  • Relationships: How important they are today
    COVID-19 has given us a gift. We have “time ” to slow down, breathe, listen to others. I have met many new people all over the world through Zoom and have found ways to connect with those who said something that I wanted to connect with. I want to talk about how important today is and how we need to slow down, listen and seek clarity to those we work with, serve and meet in meetings.