Krystal Willams

Attorney, Providentia Group

Krystal is an attorney and entrepreneur in Portland, Maine. Her law firm, Providentia Group, focuses on making Maine’s economy work for more Mainers, particularly individuals who identify as Mainers of color or who live in rural Maine. In 2020, she founded the Alpha Legal Foundation to address the lack of diverse attorneys in legal leadership and scholarship in Maine. Krystal previously worked as an energy lawyer at Bernstein Shur and Pierce Atwood.


  • The Content of Our Character: Moving Forward as a Community

This interactive workshop is a call to create economic belonging for all Mainers through inclusive, equitable, truth-based, and authentic multi-racial coalitions. In this session, we will address the historical roots of the disparities seen today and identify ways that all Mainers can use their privilege – wherever and however it exists – to advance equity for all.