Virginie Akimana


Educator, Community Interpreter

Virginie Akimana is from Rwanda. She is currently an ESOL Instructor at Portland Adult Education and a Community Interpreter. Virginie is a Bachelors’ degree holder in English-Literature with Education. She holds an MBA-IB (International Business) with specialization in Marketing Management. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE). Virginie holds an Executive Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade Policy and Trade Law.

From 2009 to 2018 she taught Communication Skills of English, Marketing Management and other Business related courses at the University of Rwanda. Since 2017, Virginie was an Acting Manager of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network in the Great Lakes region (UN SDSN GL) among other administrative responsibilities. Virginie’s favorite color is green. She loves reading and traveling.


  • Naivete, Me and My People

This presentation focuses on how naïveté can be a cultural sickness. How people can blindly believe it is okay to marginalize others in the name of culture and the other side accepts the fate without deeply analyzing the situation. I will talk about women in the name of “solidalité féminine (female solidarity)” or “sisterhood!” not because I am against men but because of lived experiences. I would like to share what I lived to see, to hear and to feel. I want to talk about how naïveté plays a big role in increasing or decreasing the powers in the society based on some cultural beliefs with examples from my home country.