Wendy Allen


Coordinator, Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition

Wendy is a system impacted, mother of 4, who is in long term recovery from substance abuse. She works as the Young Adult Diversion Program/Policy & Advocacy Lead for Restorative Justice Institute of Maine and a coordinator for Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition. Wendy is a volunteer organizer for Maine Recovery Advocacy Project as well as Maine Access Points as a naloxone distributor and trainer. She also has experience with legislation.

In addition to speaking, Wendy is a Facilitator for MHC Discussion Projects and winner of the 2022 MHC Facilitator Prize


  • What if I Dared to Dream?

This talk is a through the lens look at substance abuse disorder, incarceration and recovery. It educates communities on the affects of stigma, child hood experiences, and how the brain of someone with this disorder thinks and acts. This talk  proves that recovery is possible and people do recover.