The Adventures of Hugh Manatee

Or how our intrepid pun-happy mascot travels from library to library each year

Hugh site 39 img 1hugh site 17 img 2Furry mascot Hugh Manatee joined our gang in 2015, and he’s been busy ever since. We send him on library tours, where he visits with local patrons and engages in book-related shenanigans.

In his inaugural year, Hugh journeyed to 45 libraries,  from Aroostook County to York County and many spots in between.

a stuffed manatee with a skullIn 2016, Hugh jumped on the Shakespeare bandwagon, in honor of the Portland Public Library’s hosting of the First Folio. He engaged in witty (sometimes insulting) Shakespearean repartee and communed with Yorick’s remains, among other things.

Sea Dogs mascot Slugger with Hugh ManateeHugh also had a snuggle with Slugger, the Portland Sea Dogs mascot. We learned that baseball-loving seals and humanities-loving manatees have a special kinship (and that Hugh is not only a Sea Dogs fan, but a Red Sox fan, too).

Hugh Manatee with the Lego version of Sikh Captain AmericaAt the 2016 Civil Rights Team Project annual conference, Hugh met Vishavjit Singh, the Sikh Captain America (or rather, his Lego alter ego), who battles intolerance with verve.

Where will Hugh travel next? If you have any ideas for Hugh’s next adventure, please share them with us.