The Mirror of Maine

The Maine Community in Myth and Reality

These books explore community life in Maine. What defines community? What values have been associated with community life in Maine, and how many of these values still exist today? What are the confinements or darker realities that exist in Maine communities? (Libraries can select 5 titles)

  • A Maine Hamlet by Lura Beam
  • Wildfire Loose by Joyce Butler
  • Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
  • Twelve Journeys in Maine by Wesley McNair
  • The Weir by Ruth Moore
  • 3 Nations Anthology edited by Valerie Lawson

Since most of these books are based on actual towns, readers can consider what is real and what is myth about Maine towns, their patterns of daily life, and the values held by the residents. King’s story, with evil masked as the commonplace, provides a foil for the discussions.

This series opens new doors to Maine’s literature and her extraordinary history and culture for Maine readers. These books that reveal aspects of life in our state can bring deeper knowledge and appreciation for what makes Maine a special place and for authors who express those ideas. Even as we adjust to social and technological changes in our time as others adjusted before us, we are reminded how influential books have always been and how great stories provide an opportunity to discuss continuity and change in Maine life as we enter the next millennium.