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Think & Drink

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Lizz Sinclair
Director of Programs
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Think & Drink Portland

Held at SPACE Gallery

Think & Drink Portland consists of four monthly sessions held in the late winter into spring. Learn more about each year’s theme and the ways in which we explored it at each session.


Policing, Protection, Community, and Trust

In 2017 we tackled policing in Maine, its intersection with race, and how our local experience connects with what we see across the rest of the United States.

How does society define criminal behavior, and who is a criminal? What do we want from our police, and how are they trained? What powers do we place in the hands of the state (police, legal system, prisons), and how do we monitor the use of those powers? Do communities suffer collateral damage from being policed, and do those who do the policing face emotional challenges of their own?


Citizens and Citizenship

It may not get the amount of press that the 150th anniversary of the Civil War did, but 2016 was  the 150th anniversary of the 14th Amendment, one of the “Reconstruction Amendments” that helped to reshape the United States’ political terrain. The 14th Amendment, in case you don’t remember (we sure had to do some reading up ourselves), focuses on citizenship, due process, and equal protection. And so in 2016, we took the idea of “citizens” and “citizenship” and dove deeply using activism, art, gender, sex, and more as our lenses.



We examined the concept of “disruption” and what it means for whiteness, authority, art, and gender.


In a Networked World

How does our highly networked, plugged-in culture affect the way we relate to each other and to the world around us? We explored questions of race, food, truth, and intimacy.